Treatment for Constipation in Waco TX

It’s important that you’re experiencing regular bowel movements so that your body can function properly and so you can avoid bloating and complications from occurring. If you experience less than three bowel movements in a week, this is known as constipation. While constipation can happen for many reasons, it’s important that it isn’t ignored and you get proper treatment to restore a proper bowel movement schedule back into your life.

Treating Your Constipation

Dealing with constipation can be frustrating and you might even find that it prevents you from participating in many of your daily tasks. Constipation can also cause you to strain during a bowel movement which can be incredibly harmful to your body and can cause issues like hemorrhoids to happen.

If you’re dealing with constipation, you should be sure to talk to your gastroenterologist for treatment as soon as possible. Often, they might suggest making some diet and lifestyle changes to help stool move more freely through your intestines. You should be sure to increase your fiber intake, exercise often, and never ignore the urge to have a bowel movement.

If you continue to struggle to pass a bowel movement, laxatives might be needed to speed up the process. You should be sure to consult your gastroenterologist about what kind of laxative you might need to take. They might also prescribe other medications that could focus on underlying causes of your constipation.

If constipation is severe and lifestyle changes and medications don’t seem to help, you may need to undergo surgery to clear out a blockage.

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